Account Manager - West Mediterranean

Job description

The Company

Ferryhopper is an online travel company based in Athens, Greece. We specialise in ferry ticket sales, powered by our in-house search engine which compares ferry ticket prices and itineraries across 10 different countries, including Greece, Italy, Spain, and Turkey.

Ferryhopper has revolutionised the online ferry ticket booking process by simplifying all the complexities of ferry ticket selection: from itineraries to seats, cabins to motorbikes, and campervans to foot-passenger tickets.

Ferryhopper is determined to become the Global Ferry Expert, which can only happen through strong partnerships with our suppliers: the ferry companies. We are looking for someone to build on the budding relationships we have with ferry companies in the Mediterranean, outside of Greece. This includes companies that operate in Spain, Italy, and in the Adriatic. Interacting effectively with our suppliers allows us to provide our final customers with the best ferry booking engine on the market.

The Position

In a sentence, you will be the lead communicator between Ferryhopper and the ferry companies which are not based in Greece.

In more detail, you will be asked to:

  • Build and maintain an effective relationship with all relevant stakeholders in each account under your management;
  • Create, agree and implement, in coordination with internal stakeholders, an action plan for each account on a regular basis, highlighting potential opportunities and perceived threats proactively;
  • Coordinate the troubleshooting of any issues that arise with these accounts, ranging from operational, to technical, through to marketing and of course covering commercial concerns.

By doing the above, you will be directly enabling Ferryhopper to:

  • Provide the most complete and up-to-date ferry booking engine on the market;
  • Progress from our dominant position in the Greek market to becoming a true European player;
  • Stay fully relevant to our market as we continue to grow, reacting effectively and timely to any changes that could affect us;
  • Transition from the up-and-coming outsider to the established and understood market leader;
  • Build a commercial culture for the company, which will appropriately fit in the market, while aligning clearly with the Ferryhopper values.

Job requirements

The Successful Candidate

To achieve this, you will need to be:

  • Excited about working with a wide variety of people from within the ferry industry: building sustainable long-term commercial relationships with them;
  • An avid problem solver, always looking for the best solution for your accounts within Ferryhopper’s product;
  • Strategically minded, understanding the overall market implications of the discussions you have on a daily basis;
  • Data oriented, and evidence driven, looking to understand why and how different accounts are behaving differently on our platform (supported by our internal technical team);
  • Perfectly fluent in Italian with a strong business level of English (other European languages always an advantage, Greek not essential);
  • Comfortable working with a wide range of basic digital platforms (Office Suites, CRM, Task Management, etc)

We are open to a wide range of applicants for this position, with proven experience valued above educational achievements, however any points on the following list will strengthen your application:

  • A degree in a relevant field such as Business Administration, Commerce, Trade or other;
  • Experience of successfully maintaining and upgrading an existing list of accounts;

Organisational set-up

The successful applicant will be reporting directly to the Chief Commercial Officer and will take part in building this department, getting it ready for further team-mates to join.